Trevor Booth

My Debt to Society By: Trevor Booth

Funny how that is worded huh? “My Debt to Society”… As tax payers lay to house me for my crime I am paying my debt to society with what is to be warehoused years of my life. There is absolutely no reason for my debt besides the seriousness of my crime, for I am not a threat to society, I am not a career criminal. I’d much rather pay my debt to society in a trail of redemption being a tax payer and being a part of life changing experiences for myself and others.

My debt to society will cost society approximately $500,080 to tax payers, and that’s if the parole board blesses me with release on what my judge set as my fixed. So to all of the tax payers out there I must apologize for making all of you victims of my crime. To think about such things is disheartening. You would think that before a judge makes a decision they would literally think about what is the real reasons for such sentences. It’s a horrible play on words to call ones incarceration a debt to society. After looking at such things you would hope that the money was actually an investment into the recreation of a person. As to say that over a twenty year period a person could get a lot of help with $500,000. In comparison to just being warehoused in an environment that breeds negativity, hate, bitterness, violence, and irresponsibility.

I always speak of the opposite view. The one that I completely understand in regards to criminals deserving no consideration because they should’ve never committed their crime. The truth is that statement is absolutely correct. So since a person is a failure, what steps should be taken then? The answer right now is warehouse. Rehabilitation is the furthest thing from what is happening. At the same time you have men that are wasted space in a timeout for their failures but not a threat to society in any fashion and men that i don’t want living next to my family because they are out of control, and you have this broken system that shows no effort in trying to figure out who’s who in the zoo. Quite the opposite in fact. When a person goes to parole in our state odds are the board hasn’t a clue as to who is in front of them.

I do wish that I could change things and not experience this life. But what’s done is done and now all I have is the future and hope that redemption will see the time of day. I do apologize to society for my debt and promise that I am doing my best to become the best $500,000 investment mankind could ever ask for in reference to a fellow man.

Trevor Booth
DOC #78409


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  1. Reblogged this on My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison and commented:
    Those that work for the prison system and the politicians who do their bidding know the cost to house him exceeds any debt he owes, so “paying his debt to society” in this was is evidence that there are ulterior motives to his incarceration. There are other things he could do that would be a better help to him and others rather than putting him into a locked prison.

    Strangely there are many people who don’t realize debtors prison had been revived some time ago, and honestly believe they can’t be incarcerated for debt. So people should take heed and read this carefully. There are many ways to land yourself inside cement walls. They are getting creative with assigned more and more ways to imprison people who are guilty of a crime that needs them separated from society to learn their lesson.


  2. This is our biggest failure: our inability to rehabilitate and reintegrate inmates back into society. It’s a shame, but I wish you the best of luck


  3. Yes, maybe when you get out you can help make the changes so desperately needed to the warehousing of people who commit crimes.


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