Nicole Bradley

Dreaming of Freedom….by Nicole Bradley

The sun is dropping along the horizon of the sky in hues of orange and pink. Bright white lines streak through puffy pink clouds as birds chirp in the trees. The leaves rustle in the wind and I look up and thank the Universe for the sweet blessings that let me walk along the sandy shore of the beach and feel the cold water between my toes. My family walk by my side and the dogs excitingly splash water towards me. The bright sun lovingly carresses my upturned smiling face as I bask in it’s warm rays. I’m happy. This is what freedom is all about. To feel the breeze on my face, to breath fresh salty air that doesn’t remind you of cows corralled five feet away from a barbed wired fence you’re looking out of. To have your family laughing and playing with you. To know this is reality and not a dream. One day this will be reality. And I won’t be waking up to a hard cold bed, loud noises, and chaos. Instead I’d be waking up to peace, warmth, and the love of my family. One day soon hopefully….

Nicole Bradley
DOC #W82508


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