Alawwal Knowles

“Up for debate” What are your thoughts… by Alawwal Knowles

When you become aware of something that you did not know existed… Your knowledge would increase of Course…Right??? Being that you are now aware of it existence…. As soon as we learn more, and more, the more we know that we don’t know…. What if you were trying to serve a purposes greater than your own knowledge – greater than your comfort zone??? Would this create a genuine humility and a desire to draw upon help from others for that great purpose- to even become a team or a group of individuals that are uniting for that Greater purpose. Successfully working with others makes one’s knowledge and abilities productive and necessitates the creation of a complementary team of people who possess knowledge and abilities that can compensate for…. And make one’s own individual ignorance and weaknesses irrelevant… “As it should be” This awareness should increase our commitment to continually work and develope ourselves at every given chance to do so… Particularly in subjects as critical as personal growth, relationships, and Leadership…
I believe that when Information and Knowledge are impregnated with worthy Purposes and Principles, you have wisdom….
Once someone told me that Wisdom is the child of Integrity- being integrated around principles…. And if integrity is the child of humility and courage… then we could say that humility is the mother of all the virtues…. Because humility acknowledges that there are natural laws and principles that govern the universe…. Humility teaches us to understand and live by these laws and principles, because they ultimately govern the consequences of our actions… In whatever form they may take…. Being Humility is the mother, Courage is the father of Wisdom…. Because to truly live by these principles and laws when they are contrary to social norms and values takes enormous COURAGE…..

Please fill free to tell me your thoughts and any suggestions that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you… (Via J-pay or snail mail)


Alawwal Knowles (aka: AL)
DOC #505921

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