Keon Lewis


I wanna know how it feels to be married to a loyal woman, that doesn’t mind falling in love with a inmate/prisoner, some women loose the opportunity of finding a good man because instead of taking the chance to open they’re hearts,they are blinded by the stereotypes like all inmates are no good,bad people or flat out I can’t speak for all inmates but I can tell you from living off experience from being incarcerated,you will meet some of the most talented,extradinary brothers and sisters,I’ve seen some ball players better than “labron James” ,some authors more suspenseful than Michael bay or James Patterson… I’ve met a lot of good people in prison,they are deprived of finding true love from a wonderful woman who would make a great wife/husband to a inmate, so if you are reading this blog and you are curious to know how it feels to be married to a good man/inmate, I say take a risk on love,don’t let prison walls stop you from finding love… I am very single and looking to find a good loyal woman, I have my own money, I am a good man in a bad situation… I can be reached via mail “keon Lewis #489829-c p.o. box 2300 Newark nj 07114” or you can download the jpay app for free using my name and number (489829-c) so we can email directly.. I am interested in hearing feed back on my topic…thank you for reading my blog…….. sincerely.

Keon Lewis
DOC #489829-c

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