Mwaniki Johnson

Introducing Mwaniki Johnson

Mwaniki Johnson
O.D.R.C. # A449541
41 yrs. old
intake: November 15, 2002
Release: Very ,Very ,soon
Contact info: Institutional


Thank You for taking the time out to to meet an extraordinary collage of ideas , propositions , demonstrations , and the person who invented them all. I am currently an advocate for prison reform. I am on the N.A.A.C.P. Executive Board here at my housing facility , and I’m the Head of Education.
I’m an aspiring author – I have manuscripts completed. Also , I mentor young prisoners who want to hone their writing skills. Some of them have lengthy prison sentences and I offer my assistance in other areas as well. I have been in heavy study of criminal law. I have won my own appeal twice , and now my own prison sentence is less than one year remaining.
The criminal Justice system has a filthy way of not dealing with reforming humanity, and instead create a plethora of abusive, stringent tactics , locking away issues that can only be treated with educational skills and mentally informative applications.

Mwaniki Johnson
DOC #A449541

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