Joshua Hairston

*InConsiderate* by Joshua Hairston

So many rush to pass judgement,as soon as they see where I’m at,or hear of the place I’m in –
Failing to consider where I’ve been –
Unaware of where it started,they don’t consider how it ends –
They don’t consider,I was a straight A student –
heavily praised for his grades and his music –
They don’t consider I was casted a genius –
challenged by Teachers,realizing academically more challenge was needed –
They don’t consider,one night after a piano recital-
I was approached by some doctors, and called a maestro –
They don’t consider my father graduated from Howard University –
my sister earned her doctorate, my grandmother recieved her bachelor’s in nursing –
They don’t consider research, gathering information on their own –
They only believe what they see,All they see is what they’re shown –
They don’t consider, my brothers and I playing in an unsafe zone –
around sexual predators, waiting to catch us alone –
They don’t consider my mother had children way too young –
Because one of her relatives made her fuck –
They don’t consider my sister getting raped in the home –
unguarded from her guardian,he take what he want –
They don’t consider my mother, a psychiatric patient –
who nearly went insane finding her daughter suffering the exact same situation –
They don’t consider my uncles,ending up in the same places –
Someone should consider mental health in these criminal cases –
They don’t consider, I and my siblings being turned into foster children –
another pip,a chip lost in the system –
They don’t consider the days we went without food –
when the only thing we ate,we ate in school –
They don’t consider those cold,frozen toe nights –
In the dead of winter,no heat,no lights –
They don’t consider selling crack cocaine –
seemed obvious,a positive “Thang” –
They don’t consider being robbed at gunpoint-
everyone breaks at some point,in my neighborhood everyone takes from someone –
They don’t consider the fear of being labeled the kid that won’t fight-
In an environment filled with kids that take life –
They don’t consider you still pray to The Lord –
After falling to your knees,you can take it no more –
They never considered it,because they don’t know it-

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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