Alawwal Knowles

“Food for thought” by Alawwal Knowles

LOVE: Is what we have for one another, it is the devotion that we show each other in our most distressed times and joyous moments. It is a term to be better felt not just heard by our ears, as this word is an action word that can be seen prominently more in our behaviors and interactions than any other expressions of saying that word.

HONOR: Is carrying yourself with a code of values and principles that you stand on at all cost no matter the situation. It is a mark by which one attain through Rightousness.

RIGHTOUSNESS: Is doing what is honest and admirable while allowing equality and fairness to be it’s guardians. As one live’s by these virtues our actions will be just, legal, and proper as be fitting of a Queen, Prince or a Princess.

LOYALTY: Is being faithful to one another, no matter the situation circumstance or position that may present it’s self. It is the virtue that binds the Love of one another and the Love for one another together. It is one of the most important virtues that we live by.

FAMILY: Is what bonds us together, through that Love of family we will always succeed. Every materialistic item in this world can be replaced, but our family unit can not be. Family is not always blinded by blood relations. Only through the Love that one have’s for one another. this is what make a family a family. As long as the family stands together there is no object or obstacle that can stand in the way of a purpose. These ties that blind us together as a family is Love and Loyalty those virtues make the family, without them what are we? We must be the Living expressions of these virtues if a family is to ever survive.

KNOWLEDGE: Is the study of Facts, Truths, and Principles of any given subject or topic. Obtained and acquired by study and investigation, with the ability to understand all that has been perceived and grasped by the mind pertaining to that subject or topic. It is a principle that is offend over looked and disregarded due to it’s demands and requirements of it’s essences. In life, if we are to participate in anything we first must have the knowledge of it’s Facts, Truths, and Principles as you would not play a card game without knowing the rules to it, or how it is played.

RESPECT: Is something that you give to someone or something that you hold esteem for. It can be given, earned, and taken. It’s nature we apply to everything, In regards to it’s importance in our life, status, and position.

I look forward to hearing from you…. and hearing your thoughts…


Alawwal Knowles
DOC #505921

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