Nathaniel Bell

“The feeling of 4TH of July In March” by Nathaniel Bell

Two words!…..TARON EGERTON
If you don’t know who I am talking about then,….. look him up! Call it a respectable but yet capricious infatuation, call it a crush call it a reason for loving being in the moment, or a reasonable chronic attraction,or you can call it The feeling of 4th of July in march.(You know because I’m writing this in March.) But hell,…You really call it the feeling of 4th of July any Moment you see this beautiful creature.
I remember growing up and having crushes and all that little girl shit,..but that was in middle school, and never would I of thought that the feeling would follow me in my adulthood. Call it what you want, but this guy is definately one of those guys that When Taron Egerton walks in the room,or if he shows up on the T.V., then the whole world needs to shut up so I can see with all of my senses. There is only one other person that made me feel this way in the entertainment world and that is Colton Haynes. Well,…Another has entered that status and that’s frickin Taron Egerton… Congrats! My Eyes and heart felt like the ecard I attached with this blog. #4TH Of July In Any Moment

Nate Bell
DOC #78997


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