Kody Osco


GURRRR! GEARS GRINDING AS K-9 down shifts the tractor trailer coming down the off ramp into a loves truck stop in north Carolina.. K-9 quickly backs his 48 foot trailer into a spot in the far back. hits the truck stop with his shower bag.. its one of his favorite stops on the east coast. there’s a bar across the street “Bruno’s pond ” and a trap house behind the pond, plenty of women, after his shower he drops his bag and quickly fixes his log book then begins the 20 minute walk along the way he calls his tire. “”what up !”. “” hey frog its K-9 your favorite trucker.!”. ” what up white boy been a second” ” yeah I’ve been out west. listen frog i’m looking to check that snowmobile you had out” ” meet me at the pond,!” same pond as last tiime!”” “yeah 15 minutes.!””
dam lot of traffic at the pond today, K-9 makes his way around back to bruno’s house behind the pond where all the good stuff can be found! the porch is fool. he quickly walks right in as he always does , must be 8-12 people in the house, walking through the living room he recognize’s lefty crack head missing his left arm he’s laying on his back . there’s a A.K assault riffle lying across the the coffee table, lefties right hand holding it , K-9 quickly makes his way into the kitchen these cats in the living room just a little bit gone rightnow ..
walks right out of what seems like a suicide sittuation , into three smoking hot candy canes =( woman smoking crack). this one 6`2″ long black hair about 165lb, K-9 can tell she isn’t a regular, as the other two woman very skinny, frog jumps in moments later, dam niggaa good to see ya, ” what you looking for 9 ?” “two 8 balls off your finest powder!, and what ever skittles is into? ” “who me?”. “yeah you, I wanna get to know you girl, you drinking? , whats your spice ? “”. ” yeah I’m a drinker I just caught up with these girls. I will help you out with all that powder though!”” POP POP!! POP!! POP!!! POP!!! POP!!!!! “” WHAT THE FUCK? K-9’S EARS RING SO BAD HE CAN’T HEAR, BY the time he gets his bearings, there’s tons of screaming, making his way towards the livingroom , oh fuck blood and guts everywhere, frog hollers at lefty. “” LEFTY WHAT THE FUCK, HAPPENED ?”. he grabbed the tip of the gun pulled it towards him my finger was on the trigger.. oh shit frog can I get a spot man I’m need me a hit broski.. its impossible to walk through the living room without walking over this mans guts, and my the blood paints the walls and floors… skittles crying and sobbing “” skittles listen to me girl, were going out this window here,”. ” I can’t fit through that little ass window?””. ” oh but we both will, the dishes stacked so high, K-9 opens it and can only worm his way head first out the small kitchen window.. falling face first into the gravel driveway, which is full now of all the barfly’s that herd the gun shots..
‘” come girl I got you?””. skittles hits the ground hard, K-9 helps her quickly to her feet,
hey what happened in there?? ” oh my its a bloo——“”” “” shhhhh girl we gotta get out of here, like ten minutes ago!”. walking across the street quickly mingling into the crouded loves truck stop. “” dam what the fuck just happened girl?”” ” I don’t know I just meant them people 20 minutes before you came in.. !””. “. I always score my powder here ” enough let’s talk about a knew chapter !, what’s your name girl?, kala, different I get the feeling you have just got into this kind of life style?,”. ” yeah, divorce!”. ” well whatta say we have some fun?” “” yeah what about the police and all that drama that just popped off?”. ” well what happens in the trap house, you leave in the trap house… besides we didn’t see anything, only herd it,, “” “what’s your name?” “K-9, “. ” where you from ?” ” up north why?”. ” well you got a north kinda way about you. I kinda like.” “girl can I just say you are so freaking beautiful, I love your long hair and how tall you are!” ” most men don’t like a woman taller then them!”. how about we get a hotel and blow some snow??”. ” HELL YEAH!!”. “first I gotta stop by my truck!” your truck?” “” yeah I drive tractor trailer!””. “” fuck the hotel, I’ve always wanted to camp out in one of them big trucks, is. big ?”. “HUGE GIRL!!” “” let’s get some beer?”. ” I don’t really drink, kinda light weight. what can you put down girl, given were going sled ridding, better get a case.!” ” DAM!!” *~*…..
both jump Into the truck kala waste no. time cracking a. Coors light, K-9 is dropping down two huge 3 inch lines of cocaine, offering kala first straw she takes entire line up right side. K-9 half and halfs his. gazing into kalas eyes , as she explodes with a tongue talking a storm, they continue for hours snorting rails and drinking.. K-9 has drank 4 beers and is gone , kala is well Into her tenth bottle. both feeling extremely loose when all a sudden knock knock!! on the driver door, lot lizard jumps up on the door step.. kala gets to hollering “bitch! beat it ugly ass lizard, leaning across K-9’s lap , rolls the window down tossing empty bottles at the junky, don’t come back.”. ” dam. kala I ,like that savage animal that is coming out.!”. ” I’m hot!” “want me to kick the AC on?, OK then as kala is slipping out of her pants sitting there fanning herself in her boyshorts. and a teeshirt.!” “SORRY! I GET SO FREAKING EXCITED WANTS I GET TO THAT POINT.!” ” what does that tattoo on your inner right thigh mean ? ” its a brazian flower !” K-9 is lost in kala’s eyes he’s never met anyone quite like her before.. we better get behind the blind. girl. ” yeah and then you can lose them clothes ?” mE?”. YEAH. YOU “.
K-9 has his back to kala velcroing in the curtian , when he turns around “wow! wowoo!!”. “what? what? K-9, you said I was beautiful, ?, don’t you wanna rev this engine up?, “click zip slipping his pants off. (CONTINUE

DOC #640807

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