Stephen Newman

The Bachelor Finale by Stephen Newman

Oh my gosh….i.just watched the Bachelor finale. I knew I didn’t like this guy, and he has just proven to me that I was right all along! He proposes to this woman, Becca, then months later dumps her because he is still in love with the girl who came in 2nd place.

I just watched him break up with her on TV. It was unedited and a very uncomfortable 15 minutes. I get that you have to follow your heart, but don’t get down on a knee, propose to a woman, give her a ring, and tell her “I will choose you every day!” and then leave her months later on TV. Ari. Ari. Ari. What were you thinking??

Oh it’s still on. I feel.sick just watching it. Oooh she just walked out on him. Good for you, Becca!! You deserve so much better than this guy. He can’t even give a good break up speech. He is just standing there staring blankly at her. No tears, no emotions.

I knew it, too. I could sense from the very first episode that he was no good. I guess I’m proud of myself for having good radar. I am very attracted to authentic people, and he struck me as very non-authentic.

Now she is on TV crying. It is breaking my heart 😦 She is a class act. Not yelling at him. Not calling him names. Great TV but so so sad 😦 I almost want her to yell at him. She is being way too nice.

Oh well. His life, I guess. And I guess we all make mistakes, so who am I to judge, right? It’s not like I’m Mr. Perfect. Still, though…I’d never be this dumb 😦

Stephen Newman
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  1. The only person that Ari really loves…is Ari. I don’t think anyone on this show is genuine. Who goes on tv looking for love? They want fame, money and exposure. Don’t feel too bad for any of them!


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