Joshua Hairston

Introducing Joshua Hairston

Introduction Blog: To whomever has taken of “time”-(Man’s most precious and scarce commodity),to give one silenced by circumstances a moment to express himself,Thank you.
My name is Joshua Jo’nathan Hairston,I am 28 years of age.I have been incarcerated since the age of 18,(May,2008);I was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 43 years-2043 is my projected release date. I consider myself an open book,loving the idea of transparency and honesty.I am more than willing to speak about the life leading to the charges,the charges leading to the imprisonment,and the imprisonment leading me to this point;the incriminating elements and mitigating circumstances of it all.Without question,I believe in the possibility of rehabilitation and am an advocate of second chances,only one left unscathed by the many variant challenges of life, can say that he is not.
There are several means of correspondence, but the best of,this website allows for one to communicate with persons such as myself via email,other ways of communicating are not time-effective nor are they reliable.The information one needs,My name:Joshua Jo’nathan Hairston;My state #:1411138;and the prison I am held in:Nottoway Correctional Center,2892 Shutt Rd.,Burkeville,Virginia 23922.

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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  1. Inmate email sounds so much better than letter writing! We are awaiting the release of tablets here in FL to allow that. Will keep posted, I feel we have not seen or heard the last of what Joshua has to say!


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