Jamar Myers

Introducing Jamar Myers

My name is Jamar Myers, I am 32 years old, I was falsely accused of murder and locked up on March 7th, 2011, and my release date is in 2040 but I am fighting for my freedom on appeal.

I am currently locked up my addressis: Jamar Myers SBI# 830254-C/1122299 East Jersy State Prison (E,J.S.P), Lock Bag-R, Rahway, New Jersey 07065… U can also open up a Jpay account at JPay.com to email me directly, or send me a facebook request at facebook name: JamarMyersThaAuthor, and my personal email address is JamarGodBless@Gmail.com… I am a writer of poetry, I love all music and I love to connect with people and build business wise and help build each other, I am currently taking paralegal writing courses.and would love to hear from any one who needs help, wants to talk or what ever. I am also looking for authors to publish under my company Insane Publication, LLC. Love u all God Bless

I am also currently working on a parenting book called “Love your child” its from the childs stand point of parents who only think they need to provide (meaning) food shelter and clothing. I am also writing a T.V. series script called “My Hood”

Jamar Myers
SBI# 830254-C/1122299

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