Antwan Reid

Introducing Antwan Reid

37 yrs. old
Intake Date : March 8th , 2001
Next Release Hearing Date : May 2024
Contact info : Institutional email –

Hey World !
Please , allow me to take this time , just a few ticks , to introduce myself to you. I’m a man who is open , honest , and so sincere about being the very best that I can be. I’ve learned how to take my time and do things the right way , and I want to be blessed with the goodness that comes along with making those positive changes in my life.
I’m the proud author of two thrilling novels that I’ve written and self-published – “Never Fold” by Kingpin and “Never Fold 2 : Born & Bred” by Kingpin – both are available through online retailers. Of course , writing is my passion , and I’m in full pursuit of a book publishing deal that will catapult my career. I’m in search of connections that will open doors for me , and if given the chance I’ll show the world what I’m about.
I’m focused and determined , ambitious and goal oriented , ready and willing to be brave in the face of any adversity that may arise. And , when I’m done being all of that , I love to smile 😉

Antwan Reid
DOC #A426-983


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