Matthew Epperson

INTRODUCTION by Matthew Epperson

First off, I want to thank God for Suzie Jennings, who has offered me the opportunity to speak out. In a place like prison, the world can be cut off from you. Not so at People like Mrs. Jennings, the founder of, are why inmates are getting jobs, opportunities, and reaching success in their lives before, and after release. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Suzie, and may God bless you.

Now, what to talk about? I’ve scratched my head over this for the past few days and I’ve gotten some opinions from some fellow inmates:

*Injustice with our authorities
*Lack of a better diet
*Help inmates with housing/jobs
I’ve even heard, My YAP bunky (young ass punk)
Mostly, all of which are combatting topics, but the problem is that all of these topics are complaining. That is the last thing I want to do! You know what I want to talk about? Literature, art, and most importantly, music. Being a musician for the majority of my life, I’ve met some very artistic people inside and outside of The Fence. I want to share about those people and experiences. I want to share about things I’m working on. Especially my novel called A Splendid Compromise. I want to talk about music that I plan to record when I’m released. Most importantly, I want you all to be apart of this journey and apart of the success I am destined to have in my life.
Thanks for checking out my blog. Keep cool, have a good day, and go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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  1. Live music is the best, any genre or style. More people should go to live gigs instead of sitting in a movie theatre!


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