Shawnte Harrington

by Shawnte Harrington

Hello cruel world…'(Sigh) Busy morning so much going on. Inspection inspection inspection, more like harassment but who am I according to them I’m just a number. Waiting on chow or feeding as they call it which I hate because it pit me in the mind of the zoo like ”No feeding the animals.” Lol I don’t know my mind goes there most times. Agree or no.

“Lust wants whatever ot can’t have”
– Syrus Maxims

Um I feel like we lust for reasons beyond our control. Even though we may not act on our lust we still lust its in our nature. I’m curious to know what you think.

Shawnta Harrington
DOC #1001068068


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  1. I hate that they become a number. We went through this the first year. I constantly had to remind him that he is more than a number to me. Where he is now doesn’t refer to numbers, but names.


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