Jeremiah Morris

by Jeremiah Morris

topic ~ acceptance

One thing I realize is that people divide their self into a certain category because of how they grew up in the world. People that had things handed to them and never had to break the law but we convicts are the ones who will take the chance weather its business or not because we have been taking chances our hold life. People do not give us a lot of chances because now that we started this paper trail their job is to slave our mental to keep us repeating the same thing. we also need to give ourselves a chance, in my world best tought is self tought who would have thought that a individual from the hood or urban lifestyles would utilized his time especially at this age if not you I thought it because I know where I’ve been and how far I want to go. Things that divide the world are Religion, lifestyles, profession’s and lack of communication. truth is that which can not be disputed or denied, truth and falsehood has no relations because 2 can not share the same space simultaneously. You have to get your freedom before you can get your freedom. ~Peace~

Jeremiah morris #1625857
deep meadow correctional center
3500 woods way
state farm va 23160


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