Jakob Helleis

A recipe: Prison Style Spring Rolls by Jakob Helleis

Makes like 12 spring rolls.What you need:
spring roll wraps,5 picante beef top ramens,handful of shiitake mushrooms,1 6oz summer sausage, 16oz bag of pork rinds,some garlic,onion,cilantro,chile(I like using chile de arbol),3 tablespoons of hoison sauce, 2 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce….I think that’s it.
most of us inmates use a hot pot to cook with,so lucky you,you get to use a stove top and frying pan,or a wok if you feel like being unnecessarily cultured.
step1) wash your hands….or don’t.
step2)prep the mushrooms,then slice moderately thin.chop the summer sausage into half inch pieces. set aside.
step3)cook noodles with out seasoning pack.(you will only need 2 seasoning packs.the rest you can put somewhere.)place cooked noodles is bowl,set aside.
step4)get your wok or frying pan and add 6oz of water.(we use hotpots and need the extra liquid so the hotpot doesn’t burn we ‘might’ ‘hypothetically’ alter our hotpots to boil).Add the 2 picante beef seasonings and the seasonings,sauses,sausage,mushrooms,and cook on high until the liquid reduces into a thicker sauce,turn off heat,add half bag of porkrinds,stir until porkrinds absorb all or most of the liquid.add more pork rinds if needed.
step5)you have a bowl of cooked noodles,a bowl of the stuff,and then wraps.
use a small hand full of noodles and two spoonfulls of the stuff per spring roll.
by the way:I never make the right amount of noodles or stuff so you should defiantly do the math before doing this.and all the herbs and seasonings we use are dehydrated.if you have fresh cilantro,you should use that at the end.
And of the many dipping sauces we make have jelly,peanut butter and sriracha.but here’s a better one I’ve made: like 1 spoonful of peanuts butter,3oz of apple jelly,5oz of jalapeo flavored vinegar and a little tiny drop of fish sauce.some water too,but just a small,little,drop of fish sauce.

Jakob Helleis
DOC #AA-1134


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