Tammy Dodd

My Time With My Maw-Maw: By Tammy Dodd

I wanted to tell ya’ll about a real funny time when I was at the farm. You know I grw up with my five boy cousins that my aunt took to an open door home in Cedartown, Ga. Well, my grandparents went and got them and raised them. My time at my grandparents were filled with adventure. I always heard my Maw-Maw say “John (my Paw-Paw) if you don’t get that wild hair out of your tail I am gonna beat the crap out of you”. Her words were not that nice….anyway…One day I was in the out house (we didn’t have an inside toliet til long after I was married) and I saw on myself what I thought my Maw-Maw was refering to as the “wild hairs” my Paw-Paw had. SO…I was upset to say the least…I plucked it out, then I picked a small king hickory switch and went in through the kitchen door. There was my Maw- Maw cooking as usual and she looked a t me and then at the switch and asked what I had done wrong. I told her that I always heard when she told Paw-Paw to get that wild hair out of his tail and that I had one that day that I had got shed of but that she could whoop me if she wanted to. I told her that mine was not on my butt area, but on the front. She started laughing so hard that I took off. Well…a few months went by and I kept plucking and then the pain was so bad that I went to my Maw-Maw again and told her what was going on and that she could whoop me til she was satisfied, but after that I would need some salve for my legs and for “there”…she started laughing again but this time she didn’t let me run. She kept me there and told me about some things that were long overdue for me to know. I also learnt that day the reason what she meant when she said that I couldn’t go swimming with the boys cause their Birthday suits were different than mine. Yeah, I had alot to learn. Alot of that teaching is still in me today. I am just a country girl at heart!! I hope ya’ll enjoyed this and had a good laugh on me. God rest Maw-Maw’s soul, she sure did get a kick out of this.

Tammy Dodd
DOC #559586

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