Shawnte Harrington

Introducing Shawnte Harrington

God morning cruel world! I hope you all slept as well as I did. I just finished combing out my hair and am using this time to sit and write my first blog. I’ve recently went natural after almost twenty years of relaxers. Its crazy because I didn’t know I had what society called ”Good hair.” its still a handful but I’m embracing it all even the damn gray Harris that keep popping up. Question: Why is it that we are compelled to control the things that aren’t in our control but fail to control the things that are? We are something aren’t we I’m sure our creator is like WTF! I have been incarcerated for seven years and time has flown I didn’t know I was this strong. I guess we never really know how strong we are until we’ve conquered though right. I was running myself crazy about what to write and how I could make my entries fun and something to look forward to when it hit me, Shawnte just be yourself and let it flow. A lot of people get so caught up with keeping up with the times and in what people think they get lost and forget who they are. Especially behind these walls. I’ve never seen so many lost individuals in my life. Not to say I’m all found and shit but you get my drift right. I mean I guess we all as humans care what people think to an extent but it is definitely levels to it don’t you think. I mean you have those people who live by what others think and then you have some who live by refusing to believe they care. Lol I’m somewhere in between. Where do you stand? Something to think about.
Xoxo until next time.

Shawnte Harrington
DOC #1001068068


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