Milishia Gosha

“Second Chance” by Milishia Gosha

I took a dance with darkness at a young age(14)
The music stopped when I made a bad mistake
of taking another’s life
That’s when I heard a new beat and accepted
the light wit new insights
The judge saw different and sentenced me a fourteen year old to life .
All I want is a Second Chance — to show
my new rhythm and new dance.
A dance of maturity even a dance of a mind that has purity .
Parole would be harmony to my soul
I’m caught in the moment
I begiin to cha-cha into womanhood
I tango into prosperity
I techno over my downfalls
No dance style can stop me from recievin my well need applause
Whether they want to give it to me or not
Who can judge me or continue to put me down?
Even trash gets a Second Chance to go around.
Why is society ( Georgia’s parole board) against me taking a new stance?
I take my bow

contact me at WWW.jpay .com or write me at
milishia gosha #0001023682
Lee arrendale state 709
alto, Georgia 30510

Milishia Gosha
DOC #0001023682

p.s. im thirty four years old i have been incarcerated since i was fourteen .ihave a tentitive parole date for 7-1-18

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