Trevor Booth

Introducing Trevor Booth

Intake-January 16th, 2005
Release-January 16th 2025 to Life

I was a good kid. Traveled the country for leadership conferences, worked constantly since I can remember. Graduated early. Worked harder. Then got into hustling in the drug world. Hurt many people that deserve better. So unfortunately my life entails circumstances such as incarceration due to my failure. But in all honesty had it not been for everything I’ve been through with this journey, odds are I would’ve lived a regretful life. I know that sounds foolish considering my regrets in my crime, but rock bottom is a dark place and when you’re there your thoughts aren’t the healthiest. I’ll never forget those moments and the growth and understanding they provided me. In my search for meaning I’ve come to realize what is truly important. And in my journey for personal development I’ve come to realize my need to be and act as a man that I respect. The hard part is being that man within such an environment. I fight constantly to be better and do better all the while not becoming considered weak. I love my friends and family and do my best not to hurt people with my actions. I wish I could be a positive attribute to the world but understand the worlds perception of me. I want people to be happy and live the life of their dreams, I want what’s best for everyone.

Contact info-
Trevor Booth #78409
PO Box 70010
Boise, ID 83707


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  1. I love you Trev. Im greateful everyday that youve managed to stay strong & grounded in a place where most fall apart. I admire you in more ways then you know


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