Shawnte Harrington

Introducing Shawnte Harrington

Hello everyone my name is Shawnta Harrington I am 29 years old originally from San Diego California though I’m currently at Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsvile Georgia. (sigh) I know right who leaves sunny beaches and awesome weather to a place where they may have every season of weather in one week? Long story – bad decision – learned mistake. I’ve never blogged before but I’m excited about being able to post and share with the world. They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste but for others its a terrible place to be. Would you rather waste it or be locked inside fearful of you thoughts? Just wondering, I choose to be locked inside. Me in particular I love my mind I have watched it form and grow over the years. Its a great feeling to see and feel your growth emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I love quotes, knowledge and wisdom I’m like Solomon when it comes to knowing. I’m fun and fearless and want to make the best of the rest of my life. I am currently writing my first urban book series that is coming soon my Pen name is Belle Ahosi check me out @ but I can be contacted preferably at just enter my information. Shawnte Harrington #1001068068 or P.O. Box 839 Hawkinsville GA 31036. Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoy my post!

Shawnta Harrington
DOC #1001068068

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