“THE FAMILY” By Fayvun Manning

When it really matters, who has your best interest at hand? If you dont have an answer for this question then you may need to take a second or two and reflect on where you came from, who’s your mother, father, grandmomma, grandpopps, aunte, etc…
In order to know where you are trying to go, you first have to start with where you come from. You cant be the best you can be if you are not fully in tuned with your familys history. What kind of a Flag repersent you and your family? And it is important to know your history.
There is a lot of information out in owr world these days and all you have to do is search for it. Start with looking up “The Moorish Science Temple Of America”, and see where that takes you. Lessions may unfold right be fore your eyes.
I was interduced the that family and have learnt a lot about my self and where I came from. I have learnt how to use my thoughts in a way that I would have never have done if not for The MSToA. There is still much wisdom to be learnt and the only way peace may be obtained it by knowing yourself.
I AM just your brother, look into the light and find yourself. peace and light
Fayvun Manning#68174
EDCF P.O. Box 311
El Dorado, Kansas67042
Ffmb Eae
holla at me if you can see me

Fayvun Manning
DOC #68174

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