Angelo Vasquez

Thinking. by Angelo Vasquez

I can barely breathe when I think of not being in prison, how I’ve just spent twelve years of my worthless existence in a dam cell…it sickens me.How long does a system have to be broken for you to give a shit?Then again even I don’t care most of the time. I fantasize about recording music making obscure black metal like a mad man not only the instrumentals or vocals but the cinematography, the art! How else can I remember that I am alive without aethestic expression!? Screaming my soul,sorrow,pain along with cellos and violins my five string bass bleeding out its torrid distortion and drums of sacrifice, Aztec doom, Spain’s conquest thunder like drums giving a biological sense of doom, chants of the 72 infernal names. Read the lyrics if you can’t understand but I’m telling you analytical study isn’t how you understand art! not with some academic textbook no you understand with intuition,your soul! I could write a philosophical point of view of black metal but it’s not a decaying type it’s constant aesthetic evolution, it’s always progressing to the point of when you hear it you think”what was that? and why did it just change my life?” it isn’t for everyone but could be and will have its moment at the right time. People are like satellites sometimes we have a good signal and can receive things that normally would be static filled and rejected. I’m not a egotistical narcissist, I just believe in myself, I went through too much to give a shit about other opinions. I believe reincarnation but not the nonsense of coming back as a cat that’s against evolution, I believe we come every thousand or more years as a man or woman so my point isn’t the timing or process but it’s this feeling that a lot of the recent lives I have been cut short, I die too soon even this one I’m forced in a cage since I was a child for the rest of my life because I seen murders take place…trust me if this seems crazy then I’m not speaking to you.This is one of the feelings I try to express in my art.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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