Angelo Vasquez

DREAMS. by Angelo Vasquez

A frozen ship moving slow with all its inhabitants dead and cold.The gravitational pull awakes one and he brakes off from the rest and still his craft is the size of Texas…I seen it all happpen from a stars point of view. Falling closer and closer getting red hot glowing.before the crash into the ocean twenty missiles went in different directions and when they touched the earths surface it was lifted like a thunderous wave.I can see him now he’s alone not much bigger and masked his ship crashed burrowing into the depths of our seas and chaos was reigning supreme by our own hands of panic,freeway over passes were collapsing the ground shook until it caved open releasing gases a psychotic man who enjoyed the frenzy was throwing grenades at random.Vegetation grew rapidly around everything as if that was part of the attack but little did we know he was alone but not much longer the missiles were creators formulating others in his image with our minerals, I saw him rest though he was able to see everything…we killed ourselves we did the war for him.I wake from this and see now it was just a dream.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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