Wendell Parker

by Wendell Parker

Well let’s see here, i was having a talk with some people and we were talking on how we
had different opinon’s on how a woman should be treated. My take on that is, a woman should always be treated with reapect and you should always be honest with her no matter what, a woman should be catered to and she also should cared for.

I think as men we do not appreicate the essence of a woman and the power behind the meaning of woman, so men take advantage of a woman and try to play a woman, but end up getting played they damn self crazy aint it?. We as men need to step up to the plate and
take care of are women, a man should buy flowers for his woman and send them to her work spot, he should cook for his woman, he should give his woman massage’s, he should
run bath water for his woman and bathe his woman start with her feet and work your way
up to her head.

He should buy nice things for his woman and it does’nt have to be a special day, just show her how much she mean’s to you. take her out, keep things spicy, interesting, and fun. Hold her when she is not feeling good, be there for her when she need’s you the most, be her rock, you want to be one with the woman that you consider to be your woman.

Anyway that is just me talking, but im only one man, and that is how i feel about that
topic of life. A woman is very sacred, and special, and this world and men would be nothing without the love of a woman.

Wendell Parker
DOC #74834


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