An Artist As… by Jakob Helleis

In my English college class,Intro to Literature, one of the assignments was to write a poem titled ‘An Artist As…’.Here’s what I wrote.

An Artist As

Nothing but
Noiseless star dust
Echoing the unwritten poem in waves
The first steps of a baby,
A cave mans storied wall dwellings,
The running away from the cops
With spray paint hands
or the written assignment turned in
Like the criminal
And justice suffices as learning a new lesson.
Its the mark of the question,
Stolen by the curriculum,schooled by life.
The answers truth lies above the classroom,
In starry aspirations obscured just
How the sun occults stars reached only in your dreams.
Reality never dies unlike passion.
Sensibility conforms to the comforts.
The artist as a subtlety
Whithers as flowers adorn a grave
Burns as a candle on the corner illuminates
The framed priceless picture,
Bawls into the worlds freedoms,
Goes broke smiling pitifully at enrichments,
Devalued yet unoppressed by judgments
Imprisons ones self to one self
Alienating like to like,until universally
Unlike anything orbiting

Jakob Helleis
DOC #AA-1134


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