Reginald Overton

The Best Week Ever by Reginald Overton

224 years with no parole.Did it get your attention?It sure as hell got mine!
But the question should be how?
I was a gun totting hooligan.A robber, an abductor, a dumb ass kid with no direction and after the last of several judges and juries finished administering justice to my ignorant ass they collectively decided that the only way I would ever be free is by escape or dirt napping(That’s just a jazzy way of saying death).
I’m 21 and so full of anger that in the beginning I do everything I can to make sure my peers realize that 224 years mean you bother me you have problems, but the beauty of life is in the interactions and anger eats and destroys you, but I digress.
1989 the year my life became the possession of another.The year of the clown .
1994.The year mommy died.The year of sorrow.The year I decided that my humanity was worth more than my anger.
Friday January 26, 2018 I receive a letter from the Virginia Parole Board.

Dear Mr. Overton:

The Virginia Parole Board has reviewed your case with regard to your no parole status and has determined you to be eligible for parole consideration.

The Department of Corrections Court and Legal Unit will re-compute your time. You will be scheduled for a parole interview in accordance with the Virginia Parole Board Policies and Procedures.

As I read the letter the words become blurry because so many tears are cascading down my face and onto the paper that I literally have to dry the letter.
But these tears are different, even the taste is different.
The tears of 1989 were tears of pain and despair. Those tears were bitter and salty.
These tears, these tears are sweet and hopeful. These tears taste so enthralling that even now the residue still lingers.
On Monday January 29, 2018 I was called to my counselor’s office.
I tell her about the letter and she says,”Mr
Overton, you go up for parole tomorrow!”
January 30, 2019 I went up for parole.
After 28 years 10 months and 14 days I spoke to someone about freedom, but not from a metaphysical abstracted perspective.
I speak of forbidden things like marriage, a career, family and being a productive member of society, but I also speak of how I have been behind bars longer than I been free and of how from 1994 to 1998 I had to deal with the deaths of my mom, grandmother, brother, uncle and cousin and I came to prison as a 21 year old boy and now I’m 50.
As of this writing I haven’t received notice as to whether I have been granted parole or denied, but I will be home soon(God-willing) because I got a lot of living to do.
Problem is where do I start?Where would you start?

If anyone who read my words wishes to contact me go to Jpay and find Reginald Overton-1028049 I welcome all feedback. Thanks!!!

Reginald Overton
DOC #1028049

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  1. Whats uo cuz this is man ibeen trying to fine u for years until Rip passed then I lost cal and I need u to get in touch with me 7204127792


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