Alan Thrower

OPPOSITIONS by Alan Thrower

By one god
The two main components in life in that, which would be a positive and a negative. There are more we realize to these factors. On ends we understand, from being at odds with the gods the true nature of man of high and man of low, we now know there is no shake in judgement unforeseen between nice and mean, in the direction we choose to win or lose from deciding first to live better or worst, one can only imagine war then peace, love then hate, birth then death. On any scale days outweighs the nights, from sunrise to sunset we expect equality in governmental systems from rich to poor, old and young wise to dumb, heavy or light, black and white you name it. You would choose to add the happy and sad, the good and bad the real and fake the ones who give the ones who take, gods and devils mistakes. Key principals of balance to outweigh the other, fathers and mothers, strong and weak flat or steep. I call to all predators or prey, the ones who sale the ones who pay. Pain and pleasures of oppositional forces that be. Which side are you on?

Alan Thrower
DOC #AI1509


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