Bobby Irelan

TOHU VA BOHU By Bobby Irelan

Swollen tight,
split in two,
self imposed direction
led astray,
I watched it all take the shape of her
descension from the gate..

unable to get in tune,
with the angels that drowned
In the heart of a fallen light.
She didn’t find the word she went looking for,
and winter came too soon…
too soon.

Stealing moments of sight
wilted eyes
acidic intention
Inhale the sorrow of a risen spectre-
Blind incorcorporation
of a pitch black sun.
Ego in chains.

Tohu va bohu pertains to the process of something being made void.. becoming a waste.. like the earth of genesis…
or the decrepit individual..
Experience tells us that this is the way of it.. The cycle. and this poem expresses the path from adam to adam. eternity to eternity. singularity to singularity.

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F59719

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