Carne Asada Tacos by Jakob Helleis

not healthy as the sweet desire
You had to feed me,
but we ate the tacos You made for us.
we were young in love but not innocent enough,
not Bonnie and Clyde nor Romeo and Juliet,
nor an end in death but stolen like a last breath.
no fiction from You rendered my selfish plot
my actions foolishly ripped our script to tatters.
feigning a role as friend,my smile masked a scheme.
the curtains forever closed on the duplicitous theme.
i was faker than a passionless actor
on stage and offset yet cooly convincing.
allured to a deferred dream of fame
by my feckless character that was too lame.
a pathetic tragedy my hands fated to write.
artfull,unsuccessful,unpraiseworthy,and arresting
i can’t rewrite the past or free Your trust from its prison.
but, a true friendship outshines stars by light years,
timelessly more rewarding than any accolades,
accrues value like a priceless masterpiece,
sweetens any lime light or lemon aide
on the side of carne asada tacos
that i more than owe You,
and i more than owe You movie and dinner
in a poem i desire opens the curtains forever.

Jakob Helleis
DOC #AA-1134


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