Jennifer Prince

by Jennifer Prince

Porsche Mike was a rich pervert who was into little girls. I cried through the whole thing. Didn’t phase him, he regularly looked for me. $500 in my pocket I came to realize the power I had and used it. I did a lot of meth to numb all feeling.I became someone of opportunity and after awhile all the tricks, the hotels, even the cock roaches became normal to me. Gone were the thoughts of a regular life, a home, a family.
I then met Darryl Prince. He was the man. A brief case full of money, method and jewelry. I never seen so much stuff in one place. He was handsome,from Alabama with a strong accent, he made the best crystal I ever did. I became the main dope mans girl and a hype within hours of meeting him. My life changed drastically. I grew up fast.
Only 15 I lied and said I was 19. Even went to adult jail. No one cared. We were in San Francisco. This way of life was normal. I hated it I loved it. I was addicted to it had to be there. A magnetic force pulling me in. You never feel right anywhere else.
Daryl went in and out of prison. I became Jennifer Prince by getting married in San Bruno county jail.I was so full of myself. No more selling myself now it was only my soul I sold.I seen more than I’d ever want to. Knew more than I signed up for. Gone the niave girl with the innocent heart…….

16756 Chino Corona Rd.
Corona, CA 92880
or email

Jennifer Prince
DOC #W45626

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