Elizabeth Kelley

Another Day by Elizabeth Kelley

Hey everyone its Liz again… well its just another day in prison. nothing spectacular has happened today nothing worth noting anyway. I really want to ask the readers some questions. what’s the most Important thing/person to you. what would you do without it/them. its hard to think about this because your not in the situation and if you have been those are the peoples that I want answers from. I want people that have been threw stuff, people that have backbone because of the hard times…. the people that have experience with picking there lives back together… I’ve obviously been through stuff I’m sitting in prison right now… but the people who have been through struggle are the only ones that can make decent conversation … there life has purpose, there life has meaning because you made it… I like conversation with interesting people… not ones who think they can fix a problem they have never encountered… I hope this makes since because to me it does… to me the struggle is real and if you don’t understand that phrase I hope you never have to… I hope your life remains white picket fence and roses for real… because going through the struggle will change a person… not saying that I’m not anything like the person I was 10 years ago… ive just grown from my experience… well that’s enough for now I’m going to leave you with a poem that I wrote I don’t know If you can see my previous post or not but if not you can contact me at jpay.com with using my gdc number or you can write me at 2023 Gainesville hwy alto ga 30510… here’s my poem I would love feed back!!

it shouldn’t be that hard, right
just a little word, easy to keep in sight
its probably the most complicated though
I’m pretty sure you already know
the hardest thing to grasp
the most precious thing you could have
when you share it, its breath taking
when received its just amazing
5 letters of the hardest word to define
your absolute confidence in someone, there’s no line
or is it letting someone have all of you, every last piece
until everything is in there, letting them feast
truly its quit amazing to feel it
complete bliss, the perfect fit
its sad to think not a lot of people will know
what absolute trust feels like though

Elizabeth Kelley
DOC #1001803604


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  1. I don’t have a most important thing or person to the point of naming it / them. To have or not to have in each moment, there is what I need and maybe nothing of what I want or all. I have lived through some times and seen some things, but in each moment I have what I needed perhaps, even when I was homeless… Nature is a comfort most times.


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