Jennifer Prince

Looking at life with new eyes by Jennifer Prince

Being Darryls woman gave me some stature. People treated me different. I felt important and the attention was nice. Darryl was not just a drug dealer but he also cooked his own supply. He mastered the skill and everyone loved his crystal. Especially me:-) 🙂 When we first met I had this thing about appearing older than my age so when he offered to get me high he assumed I used a needle. I was terrified but didn’t want to act like a baby, so when he handed it to me I was unsure what to do. He noticed and asked if I needed help. I hated needles but offered my arm closed my eyes and wow!!! I coughed and wasn’t sure if I was about to die or if this was how it was suppose to feel. My body hot tingly and the walls breathing. It scared me but I also loved it. All I could hear was Darryl and his heavy Alabama accent… Did you feel It. I couldn’t even find my voice.
I found the love of my life,not Darryl,but the thick syrup that punctured my vein and warmed my body. I felt alive,unstoppable, sexy, happy, and ready for anything. Well anything is exactly what I got.

Jennifer Prince
DOC #W45626

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