Donovan Starling

Why are we the bad guy? By Donovan Starling

I was watching TMZ tonight and they had the actor Tay Diggs up there making a comment about whether he would date another white woman or not. He said that all of his black friends rode him about being with a white woman the whole time he was with her. Then they had Jamie Foxx making a comment about, because its black history month he couldn’t mess with any white women until March 1st. He’s a comedian ( not very funny to me) and I guess he was making a joke, but I had to ask myself what would of been said if a white dude made the same comment towards black women? There’s no question that it would of been considered a racist remark and every black person and or black rights movement would of demanded an apology and all sorts of other shit. What if I went and started a dating website called “white people”? Or walked around with a shirt that said ” white lives matter”? And what about the Black Power fist that black people wear on their shirts and the flags that have the Black fist on it? How is that not racist? It literary means Black Power. If I walk around with a shirt that says White Power will I be considered a racist? Fuck yeah I would be and I would have to face consequences. Why is it that they are allowed to represent that shit and nothing is said about it, but when its done by a white man we become the bad person? Black people have the white community walking on egg shells and their loving it. How the fuck did it get to be this way? How did we become the bad people?

I sit in fucken prison because I broke the law. I accept that I did this on my own accord and I don’t blame anyone for the dumb shit that I did. I sit and listen to these black dudes say all sorts of shit about how the white man had them locked up and its our fault that they live in the ghetto. First off, these black dudes decided to sell drugs or steal something or break the law in some way, so how the fuck is it the white man’s fault? They say the white judge gave me 10 years, so he’s a racist. I don’t know if the judge was a fucken racist, but I do know he didn’t tell your stupid ass to go out there and sell crack or rob someone or even rape some woman. Its an excuse I’ve heard black dudes say since I can remember hearing my first words. “I can’t get a job cause the white man doesn’t want me to succeed” and in some cases that may be true, but its way more of an excuse than a reality. To me it’s just being lazy and an easy way to make money, not to mention they think it’s cool. They sit in prison and glorify how much drugs they were pushing or how the white woman (snow bunny) begged for her life while he beat her ass or something. They use the excuse that we made them slaves, but they don’t know their history. The stronger African tribes were the ones catching the weaker tribes and giving them to the white man (only the strong survive) Then they were made slaves, but the black people today weren’t slaves, their ancestors were. And why do we call the black people of today African American? If you weren’t born in Africa, your not an African your a Black American. I’m white from America, so I’m a white American.

I’m not on a racist rant. I’m just tired of hearing this stupid shit all the fucken time. Not all black dudes say that shit. Not all of them sell drugs. Some do good for themselves and that’s what its about. There’s nothing wrong with having black pride or feeling the black power they have in themselves. I’m not bitching about the fact that they walk around with the “Black Lives Matter” shirts on or even the Black fist popping out. Just be equal about it. They do it so why can’t we??? Because they’ll start riots and start burning stores and crying like little babies until they get their way. The white people are fucken terrified of this so they give them what they want. When they start rioting they destroy their own communities. They burn their own stores and set shit on fire. When they do this we send our own people over to give it all back to them. Doesn’t that sound like a baby? They don’t get their way so they start kicking and screaming until they get what they want. Look what happen to the Confederate flags around Va. All they had to say was it was a racist flag and shit started going bye bye. The Nation of Islam teaches hate towards the blond hair, blue eyed devil, but that shit isn’t racist? I live with a shit load of Nation of Islam guys (in prison) and I’ve read the book “Message to the Blackman”. Its a hate group, but because it sits behind religion nobody sees it that way…

Donovan Starling
DOC #1056121

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