Tammy Dodd

The Journey Continues: By Tammy Dodd

This prison sentence has been very good in alot of ways. For one I think it saved my life. I know that I would not be the woman that I am today without it. After all, I was an accessory to armed robbery at age 3. Then later when the boys were caught, we spent lots of time at the jail. Maybe I was tainted from the beginning. That is what some would say. We all have a story to tell. When my Mom came back from the war and I went to live with her in the Projects in Cedartown, Ga. things were alot different than my life with my grandparents. Mom was an alcoholic and had lots of men visiters. If they ever put a hand on me, she would get in combat mode. She wanted to protect me at all costs. To my young mind I did not want to be in that position anyway. I stayed scared alot. Scared of what Mom might do to the man if he touched me and scared of what the man might do if Mom passed out. I just wanted to go back to my Maw-Maw’s where I knew what to exspect and we had stability. I went back to my grandpearents eventually, and wished I had stayed there and I would not have had to witness my Mom kill a man. They are all dead now, so I am finally free to talk about it. I feel free in so many ways now. No more secrets. It is very healing for me. I will be telling the whole story, from beginning to end. I will also share bits of other things, prison life, poems and other things that I have written. I hope you al are having a wonderful Sunday.

Peace, Love and Joy,

Tammy Dodd
DOC #559586


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  1. Hi Tammy, thanks for sharing. I really relate to what you say- there were a lot of secrets in my family that caused a lot of pain. No one talked about them. Some I knew about, some I only found out about recently. Although losing people close to you is terrible, sometimes it does bring a freedom to finally be free of some of the things that still shackle us. I’m trying to live my life differently and not have things that no one can talk about. Hope you make progress, wishing you all the best!

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    • Sometimes we just have to find consolation in sharing our secrets with the Lord, but I’m glad it has worked out for you to share publically. I am sure it is a way to but things behind you and begin healing. I am anxious to hear more of your story….indeed we all have one to share.


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