Paul Stotts

“Designing a Roller Coaster” by Paul Stotts

Have you ever heard the expression “my life is a roller coaster?” I have, I’ve even used it a time or two. I’ve had a great love for these amusment park rides from a young ago. They have brought a lot of good memories and may even have a place in shaping the future of my working days. A career in architectural roller coaster design would be awsome!!! Think about going to a park with friends, telling them the ride your about to get on was designed by yourself… you could tell them about the G-forces of the drops, the designing that went into the banks of the curves, and the way the thrills were fisrt thought up in your mind. I’m pretty sure that would score some “cool points.”
I want to take a second to look at the expression “my life is a roller coaster.” There is a lot of truth to this. A roller coaster starts with an idea, a magical image in an architects mind. Our life and the path that we take also starts with our thoughs, ideas, and images. In life to turn these events into reality we must act on our thoughts and ideas. If we want to become successful in a certain academic field, we must study. If we want to travel and see the world, we must save money and make plans. Back to the roller coaster, once it’s an idea, drawings must be produced. Persice mathmatical equations must be made and placed into the design. In life to make success a reality, you must act on your plan. That could be going to school or making friends with people that can help advance your network in a field your interested in. With the roller coaster this means building the track, testing the ride, and opening the attraction to the public for enjoyment. So in a sence a roller coaster is a lot like our life. There are many truths to this saying “my life is a roller coaster.”
One reason I use this analgy is becaus I’ve done much brainstorming on jobs that I think I would like. From my early school years I’ve been great at math. It’s been one of my favorite subjects both then and now in college. It’s something that has come easy for me and stimulates my thinking in ways that are fun and at times intellictually challenging. Also, math doesn’t have thousands of words to correctly remember how to spell… always a plus for me.
I think it would be a great joy to be able to make the blueprint plans to build a roller coaster. I’m not exactly sure what type of schooling I would need for this, but I’d like to look into it. If you have any ideas for me, I’d much appriciate your feedback through an email on J-pay. I think this is something I’m completly capable of and would be a joy to do. I plan to write a follow up to this blog on roller coasters, so look for that soon.

Paul Stotts
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