Jennifer Prince

Introducing Jennifer Prince

Age: 47 9/01/70
Intake: Identity theft 2012 Dec
Release: July 19, 2019. However, we receive what is called Milestones which is credit off for completing programs here at the prison. We can receive up to 12 weeks a year, so with hope I will have a more recent release.

A Quick Hello

I want to begin by first saying I received my CDC number in 1992. I have been in and out of both Federal and State prisons. I have spent most of my adult life in prison. I can not blame my behavior on my family or bad circumstance, because truth be told I had a great childhood and was given an abundance of love. I still can’t figure out what about San Francisco Polk Street area was so alluring. I grew up in the Bay Areas East Bay and ran away at the age of 14. I guess in the 80’s the streets were so fascinating. I have some regrets of course, survival was real out there and I have one hell of a story I’d be willing to share as we go along here. Maybe deeper on personal levels. Just seems easier that way.
I have to tip my hat to all the gay men and trans genders at that given time in my life. Had it not been for their constant worry and care my life would of been a lot harder. I will forever have a spot in my heart for their compassion and how they taught me to be a lady and never lose my good heart that I feel my Grandparents gave me.
My down fall became drugs more specifically meth. I was always chubby and had body image issues so to lose weight like that…… Well I was sold. Sold in a lot of ways and so it began…..

Please feel free to contact me via email for Jennifer Prince W45626 or write me snail mail at: Jennifer Prince W45626 HA 10, 16756 Chino Corona Rd. Corona, CA 92880. Email is quicker. Feel free to ask me anything I’ll always be brutally honest.

Jennifer Prince
DOC #W45626

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  1. Keep going, Jennifer. Addiction is so easy to come by, and it can eat you alive. When you’re 14 you don’t think about where your life will be when your 30. Hope you keep well and stay strong- your only young, there’s a whole lot of living to do.

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