Demetrius Patterson

by Demetrius Patterson

Everyday is a day for learning. What you take from your mistakes, things you might have fail at doing, it all matters. It will help you grow into the person you were made to be. The key to it all, is find out what your purpose is in life. Find out what motivates you. Stay positive, an be around people who are positive. We as people deserve the best out of life. What we were created for is to worship our creator. Love our neighbor as we love ourself. Love covers a multitude of wrongs. Believe in yourself, know that you are worth more than anything anybody can give you. Don’t listen to what anyone has ever spoken over your life, saying that you will never amount to anything, or that your dumb an don’t nobody like you. don’t recieve that. I remember a quote, ” If you fail, never give up because fail means first attempt in learning ” You all have a blessed day! GOD bless you!!

Demetrius Patterson
DOC #77608


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