Raymond Harris

by Raymond Harris

You are who “Your Friends,” are… So, if You choose to hang around, racist. Then, you condone their actions, also. Therefore, making yourself apart of what they believe, in… (Trump/Bannon)
It’s the same as, watching a so-called “Friend” rape, a woman or child. And, you do NOTHING or say NOTHING about, it… (You’re just as guilty as the person doing, it.)
Our Country has become divided in a major, way!!!… And, it makes me wonder if, this is the new or, “The True” face of, America. (Showing the racially motivated, “HATE.” Endorsed by an old ass playboy/real estate Mogul with, no real government, experience…)
100 percent “peace” is just an, fantasy!… But, America is suppose to be the Country that is the example for, the rest of the World… By NOW, we’re should have been gotten over, the Racism… Yet, in politics, on the streets, with the police, in the courtrooms and classrooms. We exercise our hate in various ways because, the person who we interact witch’s SKIN might be a darker or light than, Our’s.
I’m an American who, was done completely WRONG by, an all-white jury… Yet, I don’t hate, them. (Nor, have I sat for OVER a decade and a half complaining about, them… God will Judge, them…) But, who else has the gutts NOW, to “let go” of, the HATE?

Raymond Harris
DOC #770199


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