Demetrius Patterson

part 3 by Demetrius Patterson

After living a life on the edge, i came back to prison for 13 years. I started off fighting the correctional officers while being admitted in R.D.U. That lead me straight to segregation. The unit team in charge of the program talked to me, he asked me did i want to spend my 13 year bid in segregation. I had time to sit and think, i asked myself, is this the life i want to continue to live. Right at that very moment i told myself, i am done with living a life as a thug. I grabbed a pin an a piece of paper. I wrote some goals down that were attainable. Those goals i set for myself were get invovled in behavior management. Stay away from disciplinary reports so i can get a minimum wage job to provide for my children. Go to church and build a relationship with Jesus Christ! Get out of the gang life! Take college courses. Every goal i set before myself i bit down on it and accomplished them all with the help of Jesus! I have been D.R. Free for 6 years I have had a minimum wage job for5 years. I have paid cild support for 6 years. I have graduated 6 classes.

Demetrius Patterson
DOC #77608

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  1. Keep fighting the good fight. God is with you and when He is with you no one can be against you. No one that matters. Try not to be dragged down by the day to day life that mixes happiness and sadness together. It can get any of us down but joy is stronger than sadness. Light has more power than darkness. Jesus is light. Those that believe in Him and those that do as He tells them are also lights in a dark world.
    Good luck with your work and college courses.


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