Wendell Parker

Introducing Wendell Parker


My name is Wendell Parker and i am from
kansas city mo, im 35yrs of age, im a black
male, brown eyes, bald headed by choice, i have seven brothers and two sisters, my father
died on christmas eve in 1994 in a car accident,
i really miss him, but i know that he is still with me everyday that i live.
I like to work out,listen to music,read books,
play and watch sports,have intellectual conversations,and i rally like helping people
that need help.
I was sentence to 25yrs in prison, i’ve been
locked up since i was 17yrs old and im 35yrs
old now, so 18yrs in the pen now, but i’ve become a better man since i’ve been in here,
i’ve gotten alot of things accomplished since
beening in here as well.
I currently taking collage classes for sociology,
im getting really good vibes from it to, and i
want to become a personal traniner when i get
out of prison.
I’ve held a job down since 2011 and i get paid
$10.46 an hour so im well taking care of, im just a guy that is trying to better himself and
make better plans with my life and so far i’ve
begun to do just that.

Wendell Parker
DOC #74834


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