Nathaniel Hill

In Deep Thought by Nathaniel Hill

I was in deep thought sitting on my bunk, in a dorm area in prison. It came to me that I was on Death Row about 13 years ago, with no supply to my name, or money. Now I make min. wage, have supplies, but the most important thing is that I have The Creator in my life. I can’t grasp the peace of mind that I have on this journey. The situations that I face daily in prison and in court. Both have created enemies that are not in my favor, and would like to do harm to me, if The Creator did not have His protection around me.
As I keep thinking, I come to realize that ignorance is flee and knowledge and understanding is accompanying me. I remember when I couldn’t read to well, nor could I spell, write, or type well either. I hate to say it, but prison has done me much good so far. I have not been able to grasp the increase without a teacher, and how learned so much about certain issue of life. The greatest issue I dive in regularly is spiritual matters. Many different forms of christianity, wicken, satanic, zen, assembly of Yahweh, and Islamic (the one that I love the most).
Living in a violent place as in prison, I’m still focus on reaching out to those around me. Giving a word of encouragment, when darkness can only be seen, sparking a flame of light that those in need of guidance will head toward. Learning about the beauty of Islamic knowledge and lifestyle, and the difference between arabic knowledge and it’s lifestyle, are two total different walks of life, that are regularly confused to be the same. The only thing that is the same is the language it shares, but one is pure, while the other is fowl toward certain situations.
My thoughts have created some wonderful ideas, that may be able to help a community that is struggling for victory. When I see life moving forward quickly, but losing much valuable things. Just to share a few, the writing skills, moral toward the woman’s body, the respect of relationship in the way The Creator created it to be, and so much more.
As I keep thinking, I ponder the down hill trouble of prison relationships. Asking myself why does a prisoner when free, will soon leave the person that struggle with them as they did their bid (prison time). This is mainly the men I’m speaking about. Many are rude, and take, take, and take, but never give back, and when they do give, it is only to lure them in deeper to the fake relationship that will not last. It’s like warm words from a evil heart, comparing it to a shine of paint over a clay pot. Then those guys that would be true to the woman, is looked over.
I’ll make this my last thought I will share for the moment. I thought to myself, how is there more stars in the universe, than the sands on the planet earth? Our rain diamonds on another planet, as it rain water on our planet? Our how is there rivers of diamonds on another planet, as there is rivers of water on our’s? Or other suns so big that they could fit over a million of our suns in those other suns. We are so limited in our thinking, that The Creator allowed Jews, Christians, and Muslims to write in His Books, that the sun rises and sets, when actually it doesn’t. The limited mind that we have, that still can reach lengths, depths, and heights. Just imagine the thoughts of The Creator of all things, really we can’t, but you can still try. So, where does your thoughts take you?

Nathaniel Hill
DOC #83060

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