Alan Thrower

by Alan Thrower

DOB: 7/17/91 26 years old
Date of incarceration: 3/29/2010
Date of release: 9/29/2019

To whomever it may concern I would like to start by saying Love, Peace, and Happiness in the most genuine way I can explain myself as being. Is there anyone who can see potential in me? sometimes I don’t even see potential in myself though as someone who can change his circumstances I feel you have to really know a person before you judge them, and people will tell you everything about someone else’s life but can’t really tell you nothing about themselves, but I know self and I love self, being a strong black man with no hidden motives but the need to be accepted, not allowing negative vibes to disrupt my thinking keeping it kool but spicy with a little zest I’m always open for new conversation, new ways of thinking I enjoy listening to opinionated facts keeping it real with me is important if you wanna hang cause I know a liar can’t be true. Whatever’s new I’m into I love new things new experiences, just show me what it’s like having fun and I guarantee we can build a relationship.

if you wanna hit me up write me at:
Alan Thrower #AI1509
P.O.BOX 5242
Corcoran CA, 93212
or and sign up for a free app

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