“Wake Up America (Part 3)” By Ronald Johnson

I like to ask all of you who read this who in they Right Mind will Give over “Proper Jurisdiction” to a Corporation to be the god/GOD over them, they every move, what they eat,drink, watch on T.V., and especially when and where they see thier love ones ?Not to mention not seeing your elders age, your children walk across the stage at high school graduation,ect.,ect…. Now I must tell you the facts as many in United States come to painfully know for them selves,or see a love one or friend fall to the fact people take advantage of us all especially if we are ignorant of the Law.. When the so called judge asked them 3 questions we unknowningly gave the so called judge and the corporation the they are apart of Jurisdiction over us,what we call district courts are in Fact TribunalCourts, more to the point, what is Statutory Jurisdiction??? Where does it really exsist? Are we in a constant State of Emergency? If so for how long now?As the United States Of America that is. With some investugating you will start to answer these questions on your own, and you will be amazed at the Deciet that is so willfully practiced by thoes who have the $ to make the rules. Listen now President Donald Trump, well he was starting to open up to America about the wool thats been pulled over the eyes of Millons and Millons of our People,by stating, ” That Makes Me Smart For Not Paying Taxes”, America Investigate for yourselves your children, .For if a man must know first he must be what he knows!!!!! Meaning why take peoples words? Why not check things out for yourselves, things aren’t as you may been taught to think, especially if you were only told the things you know,so many of us been great followers of What?, What we were told by another person? For most so called BLACK People They were told They areBlack, Colored, Negro Afro American, and By another nation of people no doubt ! So think what has been pulled on all nations of People here in America !!!!!! Just Think For Yourselves…

Ronald Johnson
DOC #79020

Categories: politics, Ronald Johnson

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