Ron Wallace Jr.

“LOOKING FOR MY VALENTINES” A True Women with A Pure Real HEART By Ron Wallace Jr.

As I sit in my 6’9 cell with another inmate that’s basically the size as a walk-in closet. As Talk and Pray to ” GOD” ever night before I close my two eyelids and try to rest my soul and go to sleep. Hoping that “GOD” answers my prayer and grant my wish as if he was a genie that would grant my wish, and bring me a real women that would take the time out her life and reach out to me and invest her time and herself and be willing to get to know me, from within starting from my heart, soul, mind. So if there is any women out there that is caring, loving, with a sweetheart u can answer my prayer and grant me my wish and be my valentine, or u can just become my friend reach out to me by going to and get on my jpay account here’s all the info that u need RON WALLACE DOC# 887670 I will be patiently waiting for my ” Mystery Women”

DOC #887670

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