Francisco Sao

Introducing Francisco Sao

Let me start off by saying that this is a blessing for me to be able to let my writings express my life story or just allow my thoughts to be a power of persuasion. My name is Francisco Sao, I’m 34 years young, I was incarcerated on 7/25/07-8/29/52 is my early release date.

I am in a phase in my life where I found my purpose. I believe that I am fated to use my knowledge and wisdom to help people elevated their life. I have grown as a man and evolve as a human being as well. My being incarcerated has given me an explential moment of clarity to reflect on my past wrongs. “Remorse” is not only the pain that I feel but I embrace every blessing that this life has bestowed upon me since I been away. I’m so focus on my own personal growth that has allowed me to become tunnel vision and prioritize my aspirations and goals.

With that being said, this blog site will give me an opportunity to utilize social media for viewers to not only read but feel my struggles, pains, and to stop passing judgement on men/woman that are incarcerated. We have to live with the stigma of all prisoners being murderers, killers, thieves, rapists and drug addicts. I can’t speak for all inmates but I myself fell victim to the street life and I drowned in it. Its a type of oppression that is still being brush under the rug today. Instead, of actually being empathetic to our circumstances because we are stripped of our humanity daily but society arent aware of it. Believe it or not I know that there’s a vast majority of people that are incarcerated that can cultivate leaders in their community and motivate positive development within every individual that needs it.

I hope that I am able to open a line of communication with my readers through my writings. There is more to my blogs then what meets the eye. I can write just about any subject or topic that comes to my mind. I gear my writings based on the state of mind I’m in. You can contact me personally via e-mail “JPay” by typing my name and DOC#

Francisco Sao
DOC #321749

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  1. Really interesting. I read a book by a politician who was kidnapped by rebels. She was kept in the jungle for years, and she wrote about what happens to your mind. The only battle, for her, was in the mind. Hope you make a difference with your experiences and insights.


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