Raymond Harris

Hi, there!… by Raymond Harris

I know that, it’s been a couple of, weeks. But, I believe that EVERYONE needs to STOP and, look around and, see what’s going on in, OUR Country!… Because, not only are we allowing the “HATE” to consume Us with, division. But, the set morals and values which, we ALL once shared is, disappearing…
I’ve been in prison for over, a decade and a half… (I’ve been around the worst of, the worst. And, the mentally ill.) So, not only have I developed, “The Bullshit Radar Detector” that says, “He should never be let out of, prison.” But, I also know when a Man or Woman is innocent and, shouldn’t be still sitting in, Prison. And, many people might not like what I’m about to, say. Yet, we [the incarcerated] also, needs to stop eating, “the Shit Sandwiches.”… Please, let me explain:
We try to justify our actions and, walk around as if, it’s a badge of honor because, we have harmed or taken the life of, another… Not thinking at that moment that, those we harmed had a mother, a child, sister or brother, also. Which, they will need in, the future. But, will never see again because of ignorance, stupidity and, selfishness… “It’s part of, the Game.” (That’s what we tell, ourselves…)
And then there’s, “It’s cool to be a, Convict!”… [Well, You’re a freaking, Idiot!!!…] Because, just like the people who you’ve harmed family needed/needs them, now. Your Mother, Wife, Daughter or Son needs Your Dumb-Ass, too!… Yet, You choose to continue eating “the shit sandwich” that, some other idiot has sold, You. Instead of, taking that “C” off of, convict. And, trying to turn it into “the C” in, Citizen… WE HAVE TO, WAKE UP!!!….
Our Government is, F**ked Up!… Our lives are, F**ked Up!… Let’s change this shit for, Our Future Babies!… STOP EATING, THE SHIT SANDWICHES!… Say “NO” to, the Hate!… Live for, Your Family. And, stop living for, Yourself!…


Raymond Harris
DOC #770199

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