Angelo Vasquez

Breath of the broken/dream psych (part two) by Angelo Vasquez

With further meditation on this dream, I know dreams are mostly perceptions though I’m given perceptions studying occult science …so I see the step mother taking pride in watching over the two infants and it’s those infants with their soft little heads touching not connected but yet becoming connected with one another. Remember I said the brown one was crying as if aware of something and the pale one was calm not as though oblivious but already aware of the calamity the other is just now seeing.I think it’s fair to say throughout time there’s always a type of people that enlightens the rest. The rest sometimes receive the enlightenment or attack it because they couldn’t except the appalling truths. The step mother deteriorating yet still working, I see this women as a Karmic force bringing the two states of becoming together and that is why a sense of pride is there. More of a sense of joy at being able to bring extreme unction to the two conditions. I can’t say why I felt as though I was the errand boys guardian I was invisible and just watched him. If the feeling was more of to become the guardian either over him or his works or responsibilities but that would bring that part as a message… then again aren’t I interpreting this dream as one huge message?
When the mischievous grandfather screws with the hinges of the door/ window causing the vituperation from the grandmother, he becomes a unsuspected saboteur to the boys work. Seeming as though only the errand boys work was sabotaged by the grandfather they both become states,types, and conditions as well. The grandfather is responsible for accidental bloodshed this blood has much to do with karmic retribution not just animalistic behaviour that slaughters us…and the blood will too have its true meaning but I don’t want to skip ahead. Now what many would see is he is Lucifer and you know what he is Luciferic. To endure burden builds us to have strength it all comes from a direct cause you can’t seperate and say the bad ordeal came from X and the good result came from Y. It is from X.
Now if you fail and become subjugated by X than so be it, I’m not going to get into the qualities of desire and will.
The old crone lashes at the errand boy ( grandmother is the old crone) so wickedly he ran through the unhinged doorway descending down hundreds of stairs “dirty filthy stairs”, now when this unveiling and embarrassment happens does one retrogress if not completely than for a fair period of time? I can think of a few Dark Ages and a fairly recent Great depression, these states of being/becoming first affected then effected everyone. More time needs to pass by in order to conceive the “end result”.
Now to get into the remorseful grandmother going after the boy, she doesn’t run at all. She trembles down cautiously a hand on the wall each step needs a swipe from her foot to move the garbage and torn clothing. Here with the action of each step taken the disregards left behind were swept aside.Some type of mineral result being left behind our physical bodies are left behind while our etheric clings to the astral body a first time they are apart from the physical body together is in death except for some of the exceptions that is. I can say the trash on the steps being swept aside are our physical decomposition. Then again wouldn’t the steps mean different times or levels? To speak from a geologic stand point we live in decay.As well as every era has its level and every epoch has its time.
So this is what I have so far. I will continue, it will start with the grandmothers gaining fear and the corpse with those two will follow the dripping blood.

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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