Micheal Roston

(Black Lives Matter!) By Suicide.

No Indictment. Part 1
A unseen skin that escort firelocks of a sad-color. United by pride touches a higher pitch of dejections. Flood of tears recycle alongside a crow’s nest. A after growth formulates a one-sided pale horse damage ground work deep rooted punch bowels that cancers a close study of liberty. Which nose-dive to the up-shot 50’s, and yet another jerry-build to a perfect blue moon. Tongues of boil upbraid out of hardship within a third on again – off again country jake. A network of labor surpass lackluster hogwash of solitary. A banner x by stars of 5 times 6 plus one orderly mold white, red and blue. Unlike a wildflower, it neutralize a sunshine law. Subjoin by a badge of discharge unbearable birthrights to a vote of a march to end all modification. A bear down warlike write off of a earthly grip. Befuddle hands before the welkin, knees confronting a demoted ground. Over thrown by ill-advisments, flumes insipid guarded round about movement. Candidates of six plus six give equal freedom of amounts, which impeach mull faces that giveway honest pleasures of a brass-bound.

Micheal Roston aka: Suicide
DOC #63996


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